Hindu Kush Himalayan-HYCOS

WMO Strategic Priority: WIGOS and WIS, Capacity Development
Status: Completed
Funding: About 2,673,500.00 CHF (2,300,000.00 EUR)
Programmes: Hydrology and Water Resources Programme
Implementation in: Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, India, Nepal and Pakistan
Regions: Region II: Asia
Donors: Finland Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Project Partners: International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), WMO
Contact: Project website


The overall goal of the Hindu Kush Himalaya-HYCOS project was to contribute to protect lives, livelihoods, property of vulnerable communities, and infrastructure by enhancing flood risk management capacity in the region. For that purpose, the project aimed at establishing a framework for regional cooperation that ensured efficient collection and real-time transmission of hydrometeorological data and the sharing of information for integrated hydrological information systems and aspects of transboundary flood management within the Indus river basins.


  • Project Document: Establishment and Operation of a Flood Information System in the Hindu Kush Himalayas, “Making information travel faster than floods”, User Phase 2015-2019 (2014);
  • Final Report: Mid-Term Review of Establishment of a Regional Flood Information System (RFIS) in the Hindu-Kush Himalaya (RFIS; aka HKH-HYCOS) (2012).