MED-HYCOS (Mediterranean)

WMO Strategic Priority: WIGOS and WIS, Capacity Development
Status: Completed
Funding: About 1,681,000.00 CHF (1,700,000.00 USD)
Programmes: Hydrology and Water Resources Programme
Implementation in: Albania, Algeria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Macedonia (FYR), Malta, Morocco, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey
Regions: Region I: Africa; Region VI: Europe
Donors: World Bank (WB)
Project Partners: French Research Institute for Development (IRD), WMO
Contact: Project website


The objectives of the Med-HYCOS project were to achieve:

  1. Modernization of hydrometeorological monitoring in the Mediterranean Basin;
  2. Pooling of resources for data processing in combination with satellite data;
  3. A better understanding of hydrometeorological phenomena and environmental trends; and
  4. The free exchange of environmental data.

In developmental and economic terms the project provided a firm basis for water resources monitoring, assessment and management at both national and regional levels, and contributed to knowledge of hydrological processes in their interaction with the climate and environment.