WMO Strategic Priority: WIGOS and WIS, Capacity Development
Status: Completed
Funding: About 2,473,000.00 CHF (3,000,000.00 EUR)
Programmes: Hydrology and Water Resources Programme
Implementation in: Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Viet Nam
Regions: Region II: Asia
Donors: French Development Agency (AFD), French Global Environment Facility (FFEM), Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Viet Nam
Project Partners: French Research Institute for Development (IRD), Mekong River Commission (MRC), WMO
Contact: WMO HydroHub


The objective of Mekong-HYCOS was to establish and operate a real-time flood information system in the Mekong basin with Cambodia, Lao, Thailand and Vietnam as participating countries. Therefore, the project contributed to the consolidation of the technical and institutional capacities of the NMHSs in the partner countries, as well as to the reinforcement of the hydrometeorological observing networks, that provide timely information of consistent quality, transmitted in real time to national and regional databases.



  • Final Report (2012): Mekong Hydrological Cycle Observing System (Mekong-HYCOS) - Final evaluation of the Hydrometeorological Mekong-HYCOS project;
  • Project Document (Final version, 2008): The Mekong Hydrological Cycle Observing System Mekong-HYCOS, A Hydrological Information System in the Mekong River Basin.