WMO Strategic Priority: WIGOS and WIS, Capacity Development
Status: Ongoing
Funding: About 1,073,460.00 CHF (923,488.00 EUR)
Programmes: Hydrology and Water Resources Programme
Implementation in: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, DRC, Gabon
Regions: Region I: Africa
Donors: French Development Agency (AFD), French Global Environment Facility (FFEM)
Project Partners: French Development Agency (AFD), International Commission for the Congo-Oubangui-Sangha basin (CICOS), International Office for Water (OIEau), WMO
Contact: WMO HydroHub


The objective of the Congo-HYCOS project is the establishment of a mechanism that would enable the modernization of observation and telecommunication networks on the one hand, and the strengthening of partner countries’ NMHSs capacities in terms of data exploitation and translation into information that could help improving water resources management an utilization capacity, on the other hand. This includes navigation issues and the exploitation of the exceptional hydroelectric potential available in the basin.